Listing of the External Defects in Clarity Grades in Accordance with IDC Rules

External defects caused by cutting and damage Naturals and additional facets Clarity grade Loupe clean Clarity grade VVS and lower
1 Not discernible or discernible only with great difficulty with a 10 x loupe 1. Small and positioned on the pavilion 1. No mention 1. No influence
2. Not too difficult to discern with the 10 x loupe 2. Not discernible through the crown 2. REMARKS: "Minor external defects" 2.21. VVS becomes VS 22. VS remains VS
3. Easily discernible with a 10 x loupe 3. Discernible through the crown 3 REMARKS "External defects present" 3. The clarity grade cannot be greater than VS1)
4. Very easily2)  discernible with a 10 x loupe 4. Clearly discernible through the crown 4. REMARKS Examples: "Natural underneath the girdle", "Damaged culet". or other remarks. 4. The clarity grade cannot be greater than VS1)

1) Only VS or SI can be considered as clarity grades VVS can become VS or also SI, and VS becomes SI). Due to the progressively Increasing field widths of the clarity grades, a pique grade is not attained through external features.
2) This definition can be supplemented as follows: ... and in addition unusually large or unusually numerous.

Definitions of Clarity Grades according to Internal Defects in Accordance with the IDC Listing of Structural Defects in Accordance with IDC Rule