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Artificial Colors of Diamonds

The artificial color diamonds are the diamonds which are formed by various manual processes, these process itself needs a pure and loose diamond to add artificial color to them. These artificial made diamonds will be exactly a natural one. A normal individual cannot identify a diamond which is either a natural one or artificial one. These artificial diamonds are also looking similar to that of natural one and it posses’ similar character behaviors such as hardest mineral and etc. Comparing to their chemical composition both the natural and artificial diamonds holds a similar characters in all the chemical aspects.

There are plenty of techniques available in the market to develop these kinds of diamonds and these belong to the category of artificial diamonds. Many people think that differentiating an artificial diamond from a natural one is very common and they can perform this very easily; this thought is absolutely foolish one because the normal person cannot differentiate an artificial diamond with his normal predictions. The cubic zirconium is a one of the common methods in which the cubic zirconium dioxide will be used in creating such type of artificial diamonds, this process of cubic zirconium produces a valuable gem stone which is completely color less and optically fine. These gem stones will be declared as diamonds when a common man sees its enormous power of brilliant and sparkling he declares it as pure diamonds. Even these artificial diamonds can perform all the activities of a natural one where the artificial diamonds will be lighter when compared with the natural diamonds. In comparing with price these artificial diamonds are the less expensive when compared with natural one.

The cultured diamonds are the most common artificial diamonds where it is called as lab grown diamonds, these diamonds are most expensive than the cubic zirconium, but these diamonds have the similar chemical compositions when compared with natural diamonds. Visually these cultured diamonds and the natural diamonds are identical but the expert’s can only judge the real one that is the artificial one and the natural one. People like these type of artificial diamonds and even they are not interested in calling them as artificial one because they believe that these man-made diamonds are as pure as the natural diamonds. These cultured artificial diamonds can also be used as jewels, people decided to buy these artificial diamonds instead of the natural one, this is because many of us know the actual work pressure in the natural diamond mine, a human will be treated as an animal in there people started to show their humanitarian in purchasing the cultured diamonds instead of the natural one. These cultured diamonds are more expensive than any other artificial diamonds that are available in the diamond market and these cultured diamonds are less expensive when compared to the natural diamonds.

The another type of artificial diamonds is the hybrid diamonds, these are the artificial diamonds and these will be created on a crystal coated with natural diamond material, these type of artificial diamonds are less expensive when compared with the other artificial diamonds say the cultured diamonds and etc. These hybrid diamonds are the very hard and brilliant sparkling type where it will be identical when compared with a natural diamond. The color and the clarity of a hybrid diamond will be raised when its cut was done with most perfect.

Most of the people want to buy a diamond because of its excellent cut and clarity which makes that diamonds to sparkle like anything. Especially the ladies like this brilliant sparkling thing which they always want to wear it. All people want these diamonds because of its beauty of sparkling. These diamonds are hardest thing in this entire world and they are more aged when compared to the human population. Many sellers in the market found the qualities of the diamonds and they started to create such qualities by them artificially to fulfill the people’s need on the qualities of the diamonds. Even though there is lot and lot of techniques available in creating these artificial diamonds the most common problem is the quality, no artificial diamond can stand with the complete quality of a natural diamonds. None of the artificial diamonds are hardest substances on comparing with the natural diamonds.

As the human race grew many inventions and discoveries are made with their technologies, when comparing all these the artificial diamonds are the one of the most thing in which the people can do lot and lot of production in it and made possible to survey these artificial diamonds in the market these are not the duplicate diamonds, these are the perfect artificial diamonds where you can see the most of the diamond qualities in it. But the artificial one cannot stand in front of a natural one, where the complete diamond qualities are not drawn to the artificial diamonds. Many scientists with their high tech laboratories working with all new diamond qualities to invent an artificial diamond that should have all the characteristics that a natural diamond possess. The new hybrid diamond is the common example for a man made diamond where you can see all the qualities of a natural diamond like sparkling, crystal clear cut, clarity and etc. Even some artificial diamonds possess the hard quality that the natural diamond has.

 Most of the qualities of a natural diamond are brought to the artificial one. No common man can identify the differences between the artificial and natural diamonds where the both diamonds will be looking identical. Only the gem professionals can identify the difference between the natural one and artificial one.

All of these the main reason on creating these artificial diamonds is the price, the common man cannot buy a natural diamond which will be costing very high. And diamonds with good components say good cut quality, good clarity, good carat and good color will be the most expensive thing in this entire world. To bring the diamonds for cheap and good quality these artificial diamonds were originated.