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Diamond Lite

This instrument has recently been developed in practice by the GIA and is very similar to the Koloriskop G + S. It is fitted with two daylight tubes and a long-wave ultra violet tube for fluorescence testing. The spacious interior is uniformly lit and permits comfortable operating. A stone-holder very similar to the Color-Grader belongs to the instrument. It consists of white transparent artificial material. The channel in which the comparison stones lie is movable and enables the most favorable angle of light incidence to be easily found. The stone holder can be used as wished, either by the usual method under  the light source or placed over the light slot on the top of the instrument, so that the light shines through the translucent stone-holder, lighting the stones from below (Fig 11).

Diamond Lite Colour Grading
(Fig 11). Diamond Lite  color Grading is made easier using a low magnification: here the use of a lens worn on the forehead is shown

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