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Most Famous Color Diamonds in the world

What are natural color diamonds?

The natural color diamonds are the colors that naturally emerged into the diamonds when they formed inside the earth crust for about a million years ago. The natural color for a diamond is a rare factor where one among the thousand diamonds’ can consume this natural color. One of the most famous color diamonds in the world is the white diamonds, these white diamonds are said to be the color less diamonds. According to experts the purest form of diamond will be in color less state this color less diamonds are now known as white diamonds. These white diamonds are the most famous diamonds in this entire world. The famous colors in the diamonds are classified into various groups and they are named in English alphabets as D, E, F, G these groups are identified with its unique properties, the group D consists of various diamonds and these are the highest color valued diamonds, these diamonds are the said to be in color less state and these were the purest form of diamonds. The group E contains variety of diamonds and these are the diamond groups where some little amount of color will be detected and these diamonds are said to be in the group E. Other two groups contain much more color detection.

Famous Color Diamonds

Blue Hope

Smithsonian Natural History Museum is famous for a typical diamond called Blue Hope where a forty five carat blue diamond posses this name and it is famous for its curse, this museum was setup at Washington D.C. This diamond contains boron with it hence it appears as blue color for a normal eyesight, when this diamond is shown under ultraviolet rays immediately the blue colored diamond will be turned to red color. This diamond stone naturally contains boron with it when it is exposed to different light and if the nitrogen comes in contact with the boron that present inside the gem stone then that diamond will be changed to red in color. Many believe that this hope diamond was gathered from the country India, where exactly this diamond is originated. This diamond is declared as a rare specimen in the diamond history. This Blue Hope diamond is said to be the world’s biggest diamond and the history says there was a curse on this diamond, when a person holds this diamond immediately he or she will fall into a misfortune by facing death immediately or they will lose all their asserts. It was believed that this blue colored diamond was one of the eyes of a Hindu idol. Even many kings and rich personalities faced serious of problems after holding this diamond, Mr. Harry Winston who donated this gemstone to Smithsonian Natural Museum.

Allnatt Diamond

Allnatt Diamond is a typical color diamond and it is most famous for its color and weight, this allnatt diamond is considered as one of the seven rarest diamonds in this entire world. Currently the SIBA Corporation owns this diamond. Any diamond the four C’s say the carat, the cut, the clarity and the color decides the real value of such diamonds. This Allnatt diamond was undergone cushion cut and this cutting is one of the most famous in the diamond market, any diamond with this type of cutting will be valued high and only the precious and naturally hardest mineral gem stone can only undergo this type of cutting other than this type cant with stand for this quality cut. This precious stone Allnatt is in vivid yellow color and this color is said to be the nearest to the pure color of a diamond hence this unique precious gem stone largest pure diamond in its group. This diamond also contains a few nitrogen impurities in it even though it is one of the most famous diamonds in this whole world.

Amsterdam Diamond

The Amsterdam Diamond is one of the most famous diamonds in this world and this Amsterdam Diamond is a black diamond which weighs more than thirty carats and the cut quality of this diamond results as hundred and forty five facets for this diamond and the shape of this diamond is said to be in pear shape, this black diamond was auctioned for nearly three million dollars and this itself made this diamond famous because none other black diamond reached this cost in the diamond market.

Aurora Butterfly of Peace

Aurora Butterfly of Peace is a collection of diamonds that displayed in a butterfly structure, which contains many number of diamonds with it and the total weight of this cumulative diamond collection is said to be more than one hundred and fifty carats. All the diamonds present in this aurora butterfly are the fancy colored diamonds. This art collection is kept at the museum of GIA the Gemological Institute of America. These diamonds were gathered from various part of the world say from Russia, the South Africa, the Brazil and Australia.

Black Orlov

Black Orlov is another famous diamond which has another name too “the eye of brahma” this diamond too has a curse which made his owners to commit suicide when they owning this black orlov this diamond is believed to be one of the eye of a idol brahma a Hindu god and this was stolen from the place of Pondicherry India. The original weight of this gemstone was nearly one hundred and ninety carat.

Blue Heart Diamond

Blue Heart Diamond is a most famous diamond in this whole diamond market this diamond is said to be a historical one where it was believed that it either bought from India or Africa. This Blue Heart Diamond is pure blue in color and looks in heart shape diamond. Its value is more than 0.3 million dollars.

Darya-ye Noor Diamond

Darya-ye Noor Diamond is another most famous diamond, currently it is kept in Iran, many Persian and Islamic Kings owned this precious stone and this gemstone is also considered as a historical one.

De Young Red Diamond

De Young Red Diamond is another famous diamond it weights about five carat and made of brilliant cut.