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Fig 181 GEMOLITE with attachment of the instant picture camera Microphotography is an addition to the identity diagram and serves mainly to record unchangeable inclusions in diamonds. The conscious representation of inclusions on a photograph may help to make a diamond with inclusions more popular. The inclusions should be shown in words and picture to be of interest, not just a blemish, but as proof of its natural origin. The photograph allows a magnified view into the 'interior of the stone and informs about size, position and arrangement of any inclusions. It is not important that a 10 x magnification is observed, the inclusion should be easily seen in relative size to the stone.

As far as the cut is concerned, a photograph illustrates graphically any external features, such as natural crystal faces, extra facets, fractures, nicks or blow indentations. It proves that certain external defects were already present when the stone was sold, and did not occur at a later stage when the stone was worn. Instant photography with a Polaroid camera has been shown to give best results; the pictures are not of high quality, but the photograph is available within a few minutes and can be added to the stone expertise.

One can use the ordinary Polaroid Land camera; this is fitted with an adaptor for the microscope ocular and a glass fiber lens for the automatic exposure (Fig 181).

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