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Most expensive diamonds in the world

Owning a diamond is everyone’s dream, a long lasting desire to buy the most precious gemstone in the world and why not so? After all, a diamond is one of those few things on earth, every man & woman strives for. It is something which gets adorned every time. Diamonds have always been considered as the heftiest ornaments of all times and having diamond jewelry is considered a big luxury by most of the people. As we can see that the jewelry prices are increasing day by day and especially the diamond prices.

Every woman, and in fact man, in the world wants to own one of these most expensive diamonds in the world. Diamonds from various kinds and color is one of the sign of wealthy. Owning expensive and rare diamonds is someone’s pride. Expensive diamond comes from various countries. It can be from South Africa, India or Europe. The world’s most expensive diamond which is a dream of every woman worldwide, it has been named as ‘Wittelsbach’ that is 35.56 carats blue diamond mined in India. This diamond had got the pride of being the most expensive diamond of the world because it was sold at the price of $24.6 million and the previous record of the most expensive diamond was of $16.5 million.

Diamond & diamond incorporated jewelry ornaments are also some of the most desired things in today’s world, especially for special occasions such as engagement, wedding. As engagement is not possible without an engagement ring; from many centuries the ring is presented to the lady you love as symbol of your devotion, commitment and true love. But the most important thing which you must consider while shopping for your perfect ring is your budget. There are many beautiful rings in the market but are really very expensive. But the best thing is that today you do not have to worry if your budget is low because there are jewelry stores where you can find cheap engagement rings.

If you are looking for beautiful rings for cheap prices then you must visit online jewelry stores. There are many online stores offering beautiful rings in different prices. This is the best way to find rings for cheap prices and is also convenient. Online shopping will not only help you to save money but will also save your time. But the only disadvantage of online shopping is that you have to make your decision based on the photographs.

The one important feature of any online jewelry shop is its unique use of jewelry templates. A jewelry template, is a showcase of a part of website, made as part of web design either in flash, html or adobe softwares, highlights the precious brands of ornaments, jewelry sets in such a way that it gives complete information about the online store, way of purchasing, details of jewelry product & everything in concise yet attractive manner.

Visit any ASMI, or DeBeers online website or any jewelry maker’s site; first thing you will observe is its unique style & various products on display using a jewelry template.