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Most Famous Color Diamonds in the world

The most famous color diamonds in the world are the white diamonds, these white diamonds are said to be the color less diamonds. According to experts the purest form of diamond will be in color less state this color less diamonds are now known as white diamonds. These white diamonds are the most famous diamonds in this entire world, when comparing with other countries Australia supplies fifteen percentage of white diamonds to this entire world.

Purchasing a diamond is an important activity in which that buyer should have some basic knowledge about diamonds and its components. The most important diamond components are the carat, the color, the clarity and the cut. These are the important components of a diamond which need to be checked by every buyer before him or her going to purchase a diamond. The cut of any diamond determines its costing where it alone does not determines the entire value. All these four components combine to validate its value. The clarity of a diamond will be determined by the number of scratches and illusions in it. The high clarity diamond possesses no scratch in it this clarity can be rated based on every diamonds scratches and illusions. When a diamond has less number of illusions then it is said to be in the category of slightly Illusion and very slightly illusion and go on. These standards are generally called as VS and VVS in all the diamond markets. The next important component is the color the purest form of diamond is said to be in a color less state and many call them as white diamond. This white diamonds are the most famous color diamonds in this entire world, also many diamonds found with color in it some of these colors will be produced artificially or some other are truly based on the natural form.

These four components say the color, the carat, the cut and the clarity determines the real value of a diamond. The famous colors in the diamonds are classified into various groups and they are named in English alphabets as D, E, F, G these groups are identified with its unique properties, the group D consists of various diamonds and these are the highest color valued diamonds, these diamonds are the said to be in color less state and these were the purest form of diamonds. The group E contains variety of diamonds and these are the diamond groups where some little amount of color will be detected and these diamonds are said to be in the group E. The F based color group is a group which contains numerous amount of diamond in this group of diamonds all the gems will have some amount of color with it but these can be identified by help of experts only. The group G also contains various diamonds in this type there will be color detection but this can determined only by the experts.

In this fashionable world day by day there are lot and lot of new things are added to the peoples style and living culture, in olden days the white diamond was said to be a most famous color in diamonds and other diamonds will be less famous when compared to the white one. People started to wear the diamonds as jewels and especially the woman started to wear the diamonds in their rings, necklace, and etc all to this there are many romantic thoughts and things happened those days. The men if they want to show their love and care towards a woman it was their duty to buy a diamond and to present that particular diamond to his lady, for this those men should save a huge lot of money from their income to buy a new diamond to their woman. When there is a love and a pair was ready to get marriage there also the man should buy a diamond ring for their engagement and he have to buy that ring. There he need to be in more care in choosing a engagement ring, there should not be any fault in this if it happen then there will some miss understand between those couples or the man was not that much pure hearted in his love. Hence choosing a wedding ring was an important occasion in those days. Same set of culture and faith have been followed by the people today, but their fashion is changed even more number of white diamonds are available in these days, but the fashion has been changed to a colored diamonds which are rare in the market.

The cut is one of the components of a diamond which can decide the real value of that particular diamond. The brilliant cut diamonds are the most correct solution for a diamond to get sparkle. There are lots of varieties in this diamond cut, where you can moderately find some diamonds will be sparkling less and some other sparkles more in same amount of light, in both the case diamonds and lights are similar type but the different things happening because that particular diamond sparkle’s more which could be undergone a brilliant cut and where the another one may not.

In comparing to both modern and olden days the fashions are changing and people mindset are also changed, in olden days all the people loved to have a color less diamonds and the people of modern age also welcome the white diamond but they refuse to stay alone with this white diamond, due to their change in modern technology and fashion they are in search of new fashionable diamonds and that too colored diamonds. The colored diamonds are the rarest thing in this diamond market and now the most famous color in the market is the colored diamonds which brings the exact taste where the modern age people seeking, and these are the most famous color diamonds in this world.