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Most Popular Color of Diamonds

Color is one of the big components of a diamond, where the price of the diamonds may increase and decrease based on its color. There are several number of diamonds classified based on their components among those color of a diamond is an important aspect. One who have idea of purchasing a diamond he or she should also have some basic knowledge regarding the color of diamonds.

The most popular colors of diamond are pink diamond, white diamond, champagne diamond, yellow diamond, blue diamond, and green diamond. The pink diamond is one of the rarest types of diamond. In those white color diamonds are the most popular one which can be seen in all corners of the world.
The colors of diamonds are categorized in the diamond market, they are purely based on its color and colorless attributes. These attributes are grouped into many clusters based on its properties and these clusters are named with English alphabets say D, E, F, G-H, I-J & K, L-M, N-Z. In these clusters D based type is very rare one where it is the highest color range that is absolutely colorless. E based clusters are next to D one where a little amount of color can be detected and for this detection process itself we need expert’s assistance. F based clusters are said to be color less diamonds but slightly the color will be detected in it this can be identified by experts. G-H diamond clusters are said to be near color less because there will be color detection when compared with higher grade diamonds. Other clusters will also include some amount of colors in it.

In classic olden days men are subjected to show their care and love over their partners buy gifting a precious diamond, but for this beautiful occasion every man have to save a huge portion of their income. This shows that particular persons how he will care his bride, in the rest of his life. In olden days the colorless diamonds are most popular even many miss understood that the precious diamonds were white in color, but this is not the real fact the pure diamond will be in color less state. Nowadays the color diamonds became most popular that only because of its colors. When those diamonds are formed in perfect conditions they can consume the colors with it. These colored diamonds are very rare but they are most popular because of its particular color.

Anyone having an idea of purchasing a diamond, he or she should also have some basic knowledge on four C’s the color, the clarity, the cut and the carat. Among these components the cut and clarity determines the exact value of that diamond and the color adds further costing to such type of diamonds. The purest form of diamonds are identified by its color in olden days, but now a days the color diamonds were found as the purest with fine cut.

The color less and fine clear form of diamond is said to be the most popular and high priced diamonds. The white colored diamonds is said to be the queen of diamonds because of its uniqueness and light qualities and the toughness. The white diamond is said to be the hardest substance in this world because it cannot be broken by any other metals, a diamond can only break another diamond. Normally the sellers will get the diamonds in raw state that is that diamond is said to be in loose state then those sellers can work on those diamonds like increase the clarity, carat and cut which makes that particular diamond more value when compared to those raw diamonds. Generally these raw diamonds comes in standard shapes say round and oval among these the triangular loose diamonds are the popular for romantic appeal.

After all these the white diamonds are said to be the most pure and popular diamonds in this world, now Australia supplies nearly fifteen percent of diamonds in the world diamond market. America takes the first state in producing white diamonds where it follows the Kimberley process in producing these types of white diamonds.

Purchasing these most popular diamond also need a prior education because each and every diamond has its unique features where it differs from one another. These white diamonds characters are similar to that of finger print where the finger print does not stands unique for all persons same all diamonds does not hold a similar properties each differs from its own characters.

Diamond color is one of the most important components of a diamond where the costing and value of that particular diamond can be determined by its color properties. The popularity of a diamond depends upon the each generation in olden days all the people were addicted to a color less diamonds say white diamonds and now a day’s people look for new style and they look for color diamonds according to their favorite colors they started to purchasing the diamonds. These colored diamonds are now said to be the most popular one now a days. Even though these diamonds are said to be colored diamonds they are not less in clarity and cut, the sellers understood the fashion that changing over the generations and they too started to concentrate on color full diamonds and they are in search of good quality diamonds because all colored diamonds are not to be in good quality and purity. There sure all the buyers need an expert’s advice while purchasing these colored diamonds.

All the diamonds have some similar characters say glitters and tough in nature. When a diamond is said to be color full or color less it does mean that they are different in their basic characteristics. All the diamonds are strong in nature and they can be used for scratching another diamonds. By this we can come to a conclusion that in olden days the white or color less diamonds was the most popular one and now a days the colored one is said be the most popular one.