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New Diamond Cuts

A whole series of new diamond cuts was presented by Nicholas Oppenheimer, Chairman of the Board of the De Beers Central Purchasing Organization (CSO) at the 24th World Diamond Congress in Singapore, 1- 3 August, 1988.

The new cuts represent an addition to the hitherto known forms of cut. They were specially developed for rough stones which for cost reasons could be made only with difficulty into round cut shapes or fancy cuts.

Mr. Tolkowsky of New York created the new cuts with the aim of achieving maximum luminous intensity, color and profitability - though also an optimum combination of these three factors.

The new cuts, with the names, "Fire Rose", "Sunflower", "Dahlia", "Marigold" and "Zinnia" are extensively based on unusual angle dimensions.

The greater yield in material, in comparison with the customary cut, is certainly an important aspect of these new cuts. They are best suited to stone sizes from a quarter carat upwards.

Fire Rose

In addition to the hexagonal shape shown here with 61 facets, this cut can be transferred to pears, navettes and heart-shaped cuts. The advantages of these cuts are a higher yield of material and greater brilliance, even in the case of strong colors.

Fig 367 Fire Rose Fig 367 Fire Rose
Fig 367 Fire Rose


The Sunflower can be executed in the well known step cut shapes such as carré, emerald, baguette and trapezium. It is also suited to navettes, pears and heart diamonds. It is generally cut in 63 facets.

Fig 368 Sunflower Fig 368 Sunflower
 Fig 368 Sunflower


This cut forms a twelve-side, oval shape with 63 facets which have the advantage of better use of the raw material and are attractive even with strong colors.

Fig 369 Dahlia   Fig 369 Dahlia  
Fig 369 Dahlia  


Marigold is an octagonal cut usually used for all rough stones. It has 73 facets in all (32 in the crown, 8 in the girdle and 32 in the pavilion). The main advantage of this cut in comparison with the traditional shapes is also a higher yield of material. Especially strong colors, particularly brown and gold-yellow make this a very charming cut.

Fig 370 Marigold   Fig 370 Marigold  
Fig 370 Marigold  


This cut is only being made in round shapes and with an increased number of facets around the culet. This gives a bright luster and brilliance in movement.

Fig 371 Zinnia   Fig 371 Zinnia  
Fig 371 Zinnia
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