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Rare Color of Diamonds

Diamonds are the most precious stone in this whole world, people made these diamonds as jewels and started to wear it. There are different types of diamonds available in the market, say color less diamonds, purest diamonds, brilliant cut diamonds and etc among these the colored diamonds are said to be the rare diamonds. The pure diamonds are in color less state where some call them as white color diamonds these are available in many parts of the world the exact price for every diamond will be determined by the four important properties of a diamond generally they called as four C’s. The carat, the cut, the clarity and the color these four properties determines the cost of any diamond.

The most rare color diamonds is the red color diamonds and they are not available everywhere these type of diamonds are very less in number only a few crews of jewelers holds these type of rarest diamonds with them. Generally all the diamonds will be available by 120 km down the earth and it’s hard to identify a diamond and it’s very hard to find a colored diamonds in there. The clarity is the most important factor that determines the real cost of such rare diamonds because every diamonds has a tiny scratches and marks in it, where most of such marks will not be visible to a naked eye. There we need an expert’s guidance in identifying these types of scratches. These numbers of marks determines the quality of such type of diamond. The colored diamonds will be found near to the volcanic erosion after a billion of years these substances got crushed and became hardest substance in this entire world and the rare colors will be formed based on its natural crushing process that held in the deep ore.

The colored diamonds are said to be a rare one in the market, it’s because of its uniqueness and the fancy in it. Nowadays the most valued thing for a woman is the Jewel in those diamonds stands first Men are very eager to buy such ornaments to their woman but they have to search for the best one. According to experts the four C’s will determine the standard of every diamond and that too the rare diamonds will be high in its costing. Each of this diamonds property is very important because it makes that particular diamond valuable, when all these properties say the cut, the color, the clarity and the carat are known the buyer can easily determine the real value of that particular diamond.

The rare color of diamond is the yellowish color among the huge number of diamonds only thirty belong to this type which is said to be the rare color in the diamonds. These color diamonds are found in the earth’s crust and these will be in impure state after finding them the process of cleaning will began the is every diamond particle should be cleaned thoroughly with some chemicals and water then it will be cut down into several pieces these cutting process itself we need some good sort of diamonds. Naturally these yellow diamonds are said to be the hardest and these are the rare one in this diamonds group.
Cushion shape cut diamonds are the another rare diamonds where the yellow color cushion shaped diamond cut is said to be the most rare diamond in this world. These are very rare because only few number of such type diamonds found in this entire world. When there is less in number, those diamonds will be announced as a rare one. There are lots of duplicates available in the market which will be looking similar to that of yellow diamonds these yellow diamonds are very rare and used in various hard drillers which is used to drill the diamond mine. This is because the diamond can only cut another diamond by naturally these yellow diamonds are harder. The cushion shaped diamonds have a bulky look which differentiates itself from other type of cuttings. These rare color diamonds are available in square shaped that’s purely depends upon the customer’s requirement. These types of diamonds are also called as candle light diamonds because it will be sparkling in the candle lights.

There rare color of diamond is the colored diamonds they are available in many colors say green, pink and etc. These rare colors of diamonds can be produced only in the certain parts of the world because these diamonds are not available at the entire diamond mine that exists all over the world. There are many designs available in diamonds which are known as latest designs. Many people are interested in wearing the latest designs that too in colored diamonds, all the design process in color less diamonds can also be performed in the colored diamonds too. So the designers are much interested in working colored diamonds, these designed and colored diamonds are said to be the rarest diamonds in this world.

The rare color diamonds were used in latest glass cutting machines where the diamonds are used to cut the glass pieces in exact design they wanted, these work are easier one when compared to manual cutting of glass, when a manual cutting of glass in process there will be a huge number of wastages and even not sure about the hundred percent positive result. These problems can be cleared by using a diamond based laser glass cutter. These rare color based diamond laser are very user friendly where you can do it with single work man, while purchasing this diamond laser glass cutter you will be offered with two thin blades where these blades will be thinner and it can produce the exact result in its process. These rare color diamond based laser glass cutter can be taken any where because of its folding and storage size. Another advantage in this new technology is that it will never produce the noise while cutting the glass.